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What is a face scrub?

An exfoliation product made exclusively for the face is referred to as a face scrub. Because the skin on the face is more sensitive than the skin on other areas of the body and because it experiences more wear and tear than other parts of the body, it needs specific care when it comes to skincare.

Is scrubbing good for my face?

A face scrub can assist remove the top layer of dead skin cells when used frequently in your skin care routine, giving you a radiance that is almost effortless. Through the stimulation of collagen formation and removal of pore-clogging microorganisms, frequent exfoliation can also have anti-aging (or, as we like to say, “pro-aging”) advantages.

Do you wash face before scrub?

If utilizing mechanical exfoliation as well, cleansing the face before exfoliation will allow chemical exfoliants to penetrate deeply into the skin and stop makeup or debris from pushing deeper. However, using both may dehydrate the skin; using just a mild cleanser or exfoliant should remove grime and makeup.

When should I apply a face scrub?

Once or twice a week is all we advise you to use a face scrub. You can increase it to three times a week if your skin is especially greasy. More would probably cause your skin to become very dry. Before shaving is the ideal time to use an exfoliant.

What should I do after scrubbing my face?

After using the face cleanser, use a light moisturizer. Apply the moisturizer while your face is still slightly damp. Moisturizing products work best on damp skin because they can penetrate deeply and offer the greatest number of advantages.

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