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Radio-frequency (RF) fat loss removal, also known as lipolysis, is a non-surgical procedure that uses radio-frequency energy to heat fat cells and reduce fat tissue. The procedure is often used by certified therapists on patients with areas of excess fat. This non-invasive, contactless procedure uses radio frequency to heat the fat without an instrument making physical contact with the patient. The applicator heats from a distance of one centimeter from the skin. This non-surgical procedure eliminates treated fat, for good, with little to no downtime. This is a non-invasive and FDA-cleared procedure that safely and effectively reduces fat from treatment areas.

Radio frequency fat reduction heat radients in Corpus Christi

By penetrating the skin and raising the dermis temperature to upto 42°C, high-intensity radiofrequency radiation damages the fat cell membrane and ultimately results in the death of the fat cells. This procedure can aid in reducing fat in regions resistant to diet and exercise, such as the arms, thighs, buttocks, and stomach. Additionally, RF fat loss removal might increase the creation of collagen, which helps tighten loose skin. The process utilizes controlled heating technology to specifically target and melt fat cells in the chosen treatment locations. After being heated, the body undergoes normal metabolic processes to break down and remove these diseased cells via the lymphatic system, leading to a more firm and slender look.

Radio frequency fat reduction layers temperature in Corpus Christi

At Corpus Christi Massage Spa, we are excited to offer enhanced body contouring with high-intensity focused radio-frequency energy. This non-invasive body-shaping procedure addresses excess fat with 2 focused area applicators. Soon after the procedure, you will start to notice visual improvements and lower measurements in the areas of treatment. Good outcomes are often seen two to four weeks after the last session and keep improving for a few weeks after the treatments. Typical treatment areas include the abdomen, upper limbs, and lower limbs. The process is very attractive because of its non-invasive nature, which eliminates the need for surgery, needles, or recovery time. This makes it an excellent option for those who need a safer and more convenient alternative to conventional fat-reduction techniques.

CCMASSAGESPA suggests 4-6 45-minute radiofrequency treatment sessions spread over 4-6 weeks, with at least one treatment per week and no more than two, to get the best results. Visible fat removal results will appear in four to six weeks, and these results will keep improving for up to six months. This non-surgical procedure effectively and swiftly eliminates fat from your belly and planks. If you are having trouble getting rid of the last pockets of leftover fat, even with the right diet and exercise, including gym workouts and even training, then HIRF body contouring is the best option for those who want to get rid of troublesome fat areas without invasive procedures or surgery, removing excess fatty deposits in specific areas of the body without anesthesia or significant downtime.

Before and after radio-frequency fat reduction in Corpus Christi

Radio-frequency fat-reduction before and after in Corpus Christi

If you adhere to a healthy lifestyle but continue to have resistant fat deposits, you may be an ideal candidate for a body sculpting procedure.  Maximum energy high-frequency effectively targets and removes persistent fat deposits, however, it should not be mistaken as a method for losing weight. Supporting diet and exercise are needed to maintain the effective outcome of these fat removal treatments. Individuals who are already engaged in diet and exercise but are not achieving their desired outcomes will get the most advantages from this radio-frequency body scalping therapy. These procedures are ideal for both men and women who have previously undergone a weight-loss program and want to avoid surgical liposculpture to address problematic areas, are at least 20-30 lbs overweight, and are not limited to having a BMI under 30 like with other fat removal treatments.

In the case of post-body contouring surgeries, these may effectively diminish surplus skin and adipose tissue, while simultaneously reinstating firmness and resilience to the skin. Following significant weight reduction, some regions of your body may experience sagging and have an irregular shape, concealing the positive transformations resulting from your weight loss. These specific regions, including the belly, buttocks, and thighs, may be effectively enhanced via a combination of non-invasive treatments that will elevate and shape your rejuvenated physique and assist in attaining your desired appearance.


Does RF fat reduction work?
Radiofrequency (RF) radiation is both painless and very effective in disrupting and eliminating fat cells in specific regions of concern, such as the thighs, buttocks, and lower abdomen. This therapy for reducing fat involves the application of heat to the treatment area, which triggers a process known as lipolysis (removal of fat cells).
Does RF tighten stomach skin?
The FDA considers radiofrequency skin tightening as safe and effective because it uses around one billionth of the energy released by X-rays. Most individuals need three to six, thirty-minute treatments to get the optimum benefits. Your skin tone and look may vary over two to six months.
Does fat come back after radio frequency?
Adhering to a regimen of nutritious eating, maintaining a balanced calorie intake, and engaging in regular exercise will prevent the reaccumulation of fat in the specific region that has been treated with radiofrequency.
What are the side effects of radio frequency fat melting?
Pain, edema, and redness are the most frequent adverse effects. However, when a person has the treatment done by a Certified RF Therapist, the danger is highly reduced.

PLEASE NOTE: The service will be available soon at Corpus Christi Massage Spa. Our licensed massage therapist is completing her Radio Frequency (RF) Certification.


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